Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Not so bold and loud

Seems like once you have your 20 week ultrasound appointment and find out the gender of your baby, your next stop is to the big box baby stores to pick out the essentials for your nursery.  When it comes to crib bedding, you can count on the following colors and combinations of these colors

Girl: Pink, Purple, Brown, Green

Boy: Navy, Yellow, Green, Brown

Not only are the colors bright and not soothing they pair them with big animal faces.  I know when I'm sleeping I don't want a big lion staring at me.

Recently, I have seen a transition from bows and big animals to a more serene and simple nursery.  While browsing through the Land of Nod catalog recently, I loved what I saw! Grey, Aqua, Lavender.  They have bedding with prints, but it's a more subtle approach.

As with Fall Fashion this year, nurseries are taking up a less is more approach! 

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