Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Baby Gear that makes you go WOW!

A stroller with an LCD screen....a baby monitor where you can monitor your baby's breathing on your iPhone...who knew!!

The Origami Stroller, $850

If you're into gadgets and gizmos — and you have to have the best new gear on the block — then let me introduce you to the Origami, from the maker's of the Mamaroo. This bad boy has power folding, an LCD screen (that tracks the temperature, your mileage, etc.), daytime running lights, and a built-in generator that recharges as you walk. It can even charge your cell phone! This, my friends, is the stroller of the future.

SafeToSleep Sleep and Breathing Monitor, $329

No need to check your newborn every 5 minutes to make sure they are breathing with this, state of the art monitor---this high tech apparatus will record every breath your baby takes, monitors your baby's sleep time and (get this!) generates a report, and most importantly communicates with your smartphone (because we all know that device is on your nightstand).  How does it work??? Simply place your baby on the sleep mat, connect to smartphone and viola! begin to monitor!

...what did our parents do without these gadgets??!?!  HAHA


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